5 Benefits of SIM Only Mobile Deals

Sim only mobile deals

A contract without a contract? Yes, you heard it right. SIM only deals have recently become the most suitable choice, as you are simply investing in a single SIM card of your chosen network and allowances, instead of a mobile phone plan.  Many of us have previously, or perhaps now optioned for a 24-month mobile phone plan due to the luxurious feel and look of the latest mobile phone models in the market.

You may not realise, SIM-only deals come with numerous benefits, making them a great choice for many individuals. Of course, if you’re uncertain whether one is right for you, you will be shortly.

1. Flexibility

In terms of mobile phone contracts, many buyers are required to commit until the end of it (i.e. 12-24 months), therefore, they can’t switch networks nor change their mobile phone. On the other hand, SIM Only Deals give you the opportunity to constantly change your mobile allowances, tailoring it to your requirements. In other words, be in control of your own tariffs, rather than being stuck with too much data or minutes left over.

2. Affordability

No Mobile Phone Costs! SIM-only deals are always more economical than other phone contracts in the market. Hence, the buzz surrounding the benefits which outweigh phone and sim instalments which ultimately makes you pay a lot more for the phone than the network service. In retrospect, the same number of minutes and data allowance will cost you less on a SIM-only deal compared to a mobile phone plan

3. Own Your Phone

On a mobile phone contract, you don’t own your phone until the end of the of your contract, meaning you can’t switch to any other network provider nor sell your phone. And with a SIM-only deal, you’re able to hold your existing mobile phone.

4. Convenience

A contract without a contract, that’s where it’s at. Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans are ultimately flexible and affordable to the public. It is also easy to top up your mobile phone when required and ready to be used on the go. At times a short text message from the network provider will alert you on how much you’ve used up since your last instalment.

5. Keep your existing mobile number

Moving to a SIM-only deal doesn’t necessarily mean you should lose your existing mobile number. A way around it is to contact your previous network provider and ask for a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) which can be easily transferred once your new SIM card arrives by contacting your new network provider.

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