Back to School: Stay In Contact With Your Child

It’s almost that time of year again- back to school!

If you’re thinking about your child’s security and wanting to be in contact with them via mobile whenever you need to, then the plans available from Flexsimba could be for you.

Flexsimba plans start at only £10 per month, with no credit check, and you receive 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2gb of data. Other plans are also available with extra minutes and data.

There will be no worries about running out of credit, you will be able to stay in contact at all times.

You can easily control the plan by logging into MyEE, either online or on the app. From here you can also change your plan or buy add-ons.

Any unused data is rolled over every month and every 3 months, your monthly data allowance is boosted by a further 500mb, all for free!  So, your allowance keeps growing and growing. All you need to do is claim your Free Data Boost every three months in My EE.

You can also keep an existing number by simply asking for a PAC code from your previous network.

It’s all so easy- fill in the application form online. Your new SIM will be sent out to you, free of charge. Activate the SIM at MyEE, online or via the app, and you’re good to go! You can now be in touch all day!

Always know where they are!